About Us – Two Founders with One Big Vision

Forever Young was founded by Rich McClellan and Joe Sarro – two entrepreneurs who became fascinated with a vision of utilizing LED Light Therapy to deliver a family of LED systems that would make life better for our customers

“We believed that we could change the paradigm by bringing the benefits of pain management, both physical and mental, to those who, up to now, couldn’t find solutions to their pain problems.”

“We also believed that through creativity, hard work, and state-of-the-art technology, we could develop a high powered, medical grade LED-based device that would cost the consumer less than $1,000.”


Most companies develop a product for a market, design, then manufacture that product. When the market changes they develop another product and so on.

Rich and Joe started with a vision that began with developing a very technical, LED based, algorithm driven platform from which they could launch products in the Pain Management, Cosmetic, Medical and Vision Care markets. They developed the platform first, then the products.

That isn’t the only way they were different. They took a giant leap forward by developing a proprietary Pulsed Light System with proprietary algorithms based on European holistic medical research.

The Pulsed light System, coupled with the family of algorithms, made it possible for Forever Young products to produce 6-10 times the healing power of products currently on the market.

The Forever Young Vision

Joe Sarro, with an extensive background in product development, became fascinated with LEDs and LED based medical devices, most of which were selling at $20,000 to $200,000 to doctors, salons, spas and chiropractors.   He felt that if he could develop an LED Light Therapy system that would deliver medical grade results, and could be sold to a consumer to use in the comfort of his or her own home, he could build a company that would add value and improve the quality of life for almost everyone.

Business networking resulted in him meeting Rich McClellan.  Rich’s background is in the electronics world.  He was CEO of several start up technology companies.  Rich and Joe also discovered that they had a mutual mentor in the San Francisco venture capital community. Rich completely agreed with Joe that a medical grade LED therapy system could be built at a price point accessible to consumers.

Forever Young Development

After an initial round of funding, the development effort was launched.  Joe concentrated on the ergonomics and physical design, Rich did the electronics and software.  The partnership has culminated in The Forever Young System – a simple but medical grade LED platform that is an affordable, effective alternative to pills. It’s designed for use in the home, or while traveling and that sells for under a thousand dollars.

Testing and Results

After nearly two years of development and product testing, feedback from people using Forever Young System 1 has exceeded their hopes and expectations.  Numerous design iterations resulted from the field tests.   Men and women using System 1 said that they not only loved the results they were getting, but almost more importantly, they loved the way they felt about themselves when they felt those results.  Time and time again, Rich and Joe were told that the results were too good to be true. System 1 was not only achieving desired drug-free pain management results, but it was also making people feel better and more confident about themselves.

Why We Built System 1

We believe that after family, there is no greater satisfaction on earth than having some say, “Thank you for helping me” or smile with disbelief when their pain is gone. This is something we have experienced many, many times while we were doing prototype testing, and now from our customers.

From an 80-year-old woman who had just gone through knee replacement to a bunch of young college soccer players to whose team we had given a System 1 Pain Management System…it never gets old. It is truly a wonderful feeling.

Both of us have built companies in the past, and with all joy we derived from those experiences, we believe they pale in comparison to the joy and fun we derive from the Forever Young family of products.

…….   Rich and Joe

Joe Sarro – CEO, Co-Founder

Joe started his first company in San Francisco, early in the personal computer era.  With the massive growth of computers and personal computers in the workplace and the resulting increase of injuries to the people using them, he foresaw the need for disruptive products and a disruptive Go-to-Market strategy in the field of ergonomics. His 25 years of developing and marketing innovative ergonomic solutions that helped reduce workplace injuries served as the perfect platform for the development of Forever Young™.

Rich McClellan, PhD – CTO, Co-Founder

Dr. McClellan was part of the startup team at Courier Terminal Systems while finishing his PhD in EE.  After building Courier to the leading terminal systems competitor to IBM, Rich became CEO of robotics industry startup Compumotor which he took public—then sold to Parker Hannifin. Subsequently Rich was CEO of Pro-Log, RJS and Apollo Imaging. Rich is now is Winemaker at Highland Hills Winery, in addition to being Forever Young CTO.

Eight Patents – And More On The Way

Not including the Patents Pending for ForeverYoung, Rich and Joe hold eight patents between them.